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Mark Cloutier 
315-493-4663  Garnet

"Guitarists Mark Cloutier and John Hart traded riffs until Hart snapped a string, quickly swapping out guitars and jumping back into the jam. Tunes went from smooth and sexy, thanks to the dark fifth, Cloutier explained, to whammy-powered and grinding with some slide in between. Hendrix, B.B. King and Muddy Waters all got recognized and drawn from throughout the set, one that wrapped up rough and raw, just as some dirty, double barrel blues should."

Jessica Novak --Syracuse New Times---2012 NY State Blues Fest



Double Barrel Blues Band winners 3 years in a row with great live performance at 2011 Awards Show!


 The Double Barrel Blues Band is a modern blues group known for their aggressive guitar and authentic blues sounds. They offer original music and tunes that you can shake a leg to. Their double guitar sound featuring Mark Cloutier and John Hart sets them apart from traditional blues groups by incorporating a blend of traditional and rock n' roll tones that can whisper at times and also scream mercy. Their overall approach is reminiscent of the early blues that come straight from the heart. They currently have a new group album for sale titled "Night Train Home", as well as a barrage of solo albums by lead guitarist Mark Cloutier.Mark is making a name for himself internationally with his gut wrenching approach to blues guitar.. 
The rythmn section of the DBBB features long time verterans Garnet Grimm on drums and Bill Satterly on bass.




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